Introducing Marian Paquette Maison: Sustainable-Minded Fashion Boutique Opens in Laguna Beach

(Laguna Beach, CA, June 2023) - Renowned handbag designer Marian Barker proudly announces the grand opening of her flagship boutique, Marian Paquette Maison, in Laguna Beach. This marks the first time the former interior designer has unveiled her sustainable-minded creations, alongside complementary apparel, straw hats, and home accessories, providing a unique shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts.

Located on the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, the Marian Paquette Maison showroom resides in a building constructed in 1947. With its open atrium with a soothing fountain and 15-foot ceilings, the venue offers a captivating ambiance, inviting visitors to browse, relax on the patio, savor a glass of rosé, and even reserve the space for private shopping events.

Driven by her passion for environmental conservation, Marian Barker embarked on her journey as a handbag designer nearly a decade ago. Troubled by the environmental impact of textile waste, she resolved to repurpose fabrics and save them from landfills. By self-teaching the art of handbag craftsmanship, Marian developed her distinctive line of one-of-a-kind bags. From designing frames to cutting fabrics and constructing each piece, she honed her skills over two years of dedicated effort.

Marian's expertise now extends to every aspect of handbag production, enabling her to collaborate seamlessly with her skilled production team in Los Angeles. By meticulously estimating fabric requirements, she minimizes waste and ensures eco-friendly practices. Any excess fabric is preserved for future use in pillows or ottomans, reducing the environmental footprint of her creations.

What started as a collection of "After Five" bags, adorable clutches sold exclusively to friends, has now evolved into multiple lines that include velvets, patchwork, clutches, evening bags, and travel bags. Among her cherished designs is the Liette, a small clutch named after her mother, perfect for evening wear. Marian's bags are considered fashion accessories akin to jewelry, with each piece featuring unique accents. The best-selling Susan Mohair bag, for example, boasts vintage chains from the 1960s and 1970s, ensuring its exclusivity.

Marian Paquette Maison also offers a bespoke service, creating custom bags using special fabric pieces provided by customers, or fabrics available in-store. With manufacturing cycles occurring every two weeks, clients can bring in their preferred 13" x 13" or 16" x 16" fabric samples, collaborating with Marian and her team to design their personalized bags. This service is ideal for weddings and other special occasions, and even allows for custom embroidery inside each bag.

Emphasizing durability and longevity, Marian ensures that every bag is meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time. Owners are encouraged to preserve their bags' shape by proper storage with stuffing and to use dust bags for added protection.