Jackie is a spirited take on rich European opulence. Think sculpted silhouettes, awe-inspiring and breathtaking color combinations as textiles sourced from India, Morocco, Italy, and France all take on a life of their own representing a new kind of avant-guarde elegance. The spirit of Jackie roams wild and free.


Victoria is a distinct ode to the romatic color palette, blended with bohemian splendor and a contemporary twist. Crafted from a variety of different textiles, she's a signature accessory. Perfect for embarking on a weekend travel with a zest for life and wanderlust in your heart.


Shaped to reflect diversity and worn in a multitude of different ways, Liette is our mainstay of the collection (bonus trivia: she's actually named after Marian's mother). Steeped in tradition and vital to the brand's heritage, whether in ombre and a variety of textiles, Liette's are all handcrafted with the option of a vintage gold chain or leather crossbody and mesh hardware.


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